Small Casserole

Small casseroles are around 7.5inchs tall by 6inchs in diameter. Colors come in the following:

  • White outside with queens inside(light brown with tan streaks)
  • White bottom and black/white checkered top with queens inside
  • Black outside with white inside

Common decoration choices include fruit, vegetables, flowers and animals.

Medium and Large Casseroles
Medium casseroles are around 8.5inchs tall by 8inchs in diameter and large casseroles are about 9.5inches tall by 10inchs in diameter. The large casseroles have more decoration on them, so more flowers, more fruit, etc...

Color and decorative choices are the same as they are for the small casserole.

Nativity Sets
All Nativities are hand-built slab-rolled buildings that are individually decorated. They come with hand-pressed figures that are individually glazed, so clothing color on figures may vary. Each nativity comes with Mary, Joseph and Jesus plus a variety other figures depending on the style of nativity. Additional figures can be added upon request.

Checkered Platters
The checkerd platters are slab rolled and around 17inches in diameter. They come in white checkered, black checkered and black & white checkered with hand sculpted ornamentation on one side. Types of ornamentation include fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Small and Large Keepsake Jars
Small keepsake jars stand around 5inches high by 3inches in diameter and the large keepsake jars stand around 7inches high by 3.5inches in diameter. They only come in white and have hand sculpted ornamentaion on the top. Types of ornamentation include fruit, vegetables, flowers and animals.

Small and Large Oval Bakers
The small oval bakers are 7.5inches long by 5.5inches wide by 4inches high. The Large ovel bakers are 10inches long by 7inches wide by 5inches high. Both have decorative handles and come in the follow color choices:

  • Black outside with a white interior.
  • All white

Animal Bakers & Servers
The animal bakers come in the Pig Baker, Fish Baker, Rabbit Baker and Sheep Baker. The size and shape varies between the different types of animals, but all are larger then 11inches long. Decoration and color can also vary between the different animals.

Animal Cookie Jars / Canisters
Animal Cookie Jars / Canisters are available in large (12 inch.), medium (10 inch.) and small (8 inch.), and have a diameter of 4 inch. to 5 inch. Animals include a striped pig, spotted pig, rabbit, sheep, cow and dog. To use you lift the head or face from the body and then you can fill it with whatever you want.

Small Fat Animals
Small Fat Animals are about 4 inch to 5 inch tall. They are available in a wide variety of animals which include a pig, cow, sheep, rabbit, chicken, turkey and more. These Small Fat Animals are decorative and can be left outside year around.

Small and Large Vases
These terracotta vases come in two sizes: small (13 - 14 inches tall) and large (18 - 20 inches tall). Each piece is hand thrown and decorated. Decorations can include fruit, flowers and small animals. Pieces are glazed with lead free glazes and fired to cone 5. Vases are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Hand Drawn Small and Large Plates, Bowls, and Trays
All items are slab rolled and hand drawn with the normal decorative choices being fruit/vegetables with a black or white background; animals; white checkered; black checkered; black and white checkered; Christmas themes.